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A Nice Fella From Alabama With A Lien And No Title... TISK TISK

Today I tell you all a story about this fella "Richie" from Alabama. This story starts as any usual day here at Junk Cars Orlando - Someone with a junk automobile(truck in this situation), no title, and nobody willing to help. As I sit here and check the leads from the morning, I sell this fella who had accepted an instant cash offer on our website. Thinking to myself..  GREAT! Another person that JCO can help in their time of junk car needs.

But Did I "Jump-The-Gun" On This One?

I called Richie right away after receiving notice that he accepted our cash offer, which he was able to get in less than 60 seconds online via our "Junk-Automobile Instant-Value-Calculator". Then after a reading a little future in I noticed that he did not have a title. I thought: to myself: "NO title, NO problem" this should just be like any other no title situation. Richie sends me the VIN to the vehicle and wouldn't you know it, its from Alabama. Then unfortunately I noticed that there was still a lien on the vehicle. I call Richie and ask if he can fill me in on some future details. As he does I learn that the truck is in fact from Alabama, from a buy-here-pay-here store, and has mad his way down to Florida with the vehicle. I also learned that in the short month the he moved here to Florida, the buy-here-pay-here has gone out of business and left a 'un-resolvable' lien situation. Thinking to myself: Sounds like the type of challenge that I'm always up for!

Richie let me know that he had has this disabled, junk, non-running truck in his mother's driveway now for just around two years..Yes, TWO years! He said that no one has been able to help him in all this time and that we were his final option before having to let the city tow it away. So after some back and forth we finally met up to have some paper work signed (no title, no problem, but still need paper work ya' know) and off to work I went on trying to help Richie out with his out-of-state, no-title, lien-carrying vehicle. Keep you phone near you tomorrow morning, It's either going to be good news or bad, I said.

Tuesday Morning, May 12th, 2015

It was 9:17am and the scorching heat of the powerful Florida sun was pummeling down on the faces of a battle beating Dave, limping out of the DMV with a cell phone in hand (not because they beat me you freaks - because I slammed my shin on a trailer just an hour before). I look for through my text, find Richie and give him the call hes been waiting nearly two years to hear....

Got it taken care of buddy, I'll be by in just over an hour to pick up that junk car from you, and I'm bringing cash!

Junk Cars Orlando Has Done It Again!

Needless to say, did we not just take care of a two year problem, we made a happy wife, happy mother, and a happy customer with even a lien, no title, and being out of state - Still got PAID for his Junk Truck!

So, Remember Orlando...

When you have a junk car or other auto, title or no-title, and want top dollar paid in cash... You know who to call! Junk Cars Orlando!!! Call or Text: (407)-797-0848, or Email: dave@junkcarsorlando.com.

Please Note: This story is real. Names been changed to protect the privacy and integrity of our customers. Here at Junk Cars Orlando, LLC, Customer Service & Integrity are #1.

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